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This portal provides the web tool for AccessTEI, an innovative digitization program partnership between Apex CoVantage, LLC. and the TEI Consortium. AccessTEI makes it easy and affordable for TEI members to create and encode text of valuable academic collections, making them available online to the worldwide research community. Steeped in TEI specifications and academic collections, Apex’s project design and production staff is well-equipped to meet the diverse encoding needs of the TEI membership. Learn more about what Apex and AccessTEI can do for your project, institution, or company.

The AccessTEI portal acts as a gateway for submitting and pricing new digitization projects, as well as for tracking and monitoring the progress of current projects.  On the "Submit Work" tab, you can compare digitization options and use the price matrix to ensure you receive the optimal balance between the costs and benefits for your projects.  Once the project is underway,  the "My Account" tab provides project tracking and reporting features—including automated project management—that make it easy keeping up to speed on tasks, deliveries, and alerts.

These services have been developed in collaboration between the TEI and Apex, reserved as a special benefit of TEI membership. Not a TEI member yet? Learn about being a member.

If you would like to start the registration process, where you will send us your registration information and a representative at Apex will enable your account, please click on Register button and fill out the fields. 

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